5 Backyard Lighting Ideas for Entertaining Guests

There are many reasons to add backyard lighting. Maybe it’s after the summer solstice and the days are getting shorter. Perhaps you’d like to entertain more outdoors.

You may be looking to expand the outdoor living space for yourself, even after the sun goes down.

Or, you may want to give your patio or deck the warm ambience and safety outdoor lighting provides. Guests are more likely to hang around if they can still see one another and move around freely.

Whatever your reason for being outside, we have a few backyard lighting ideas for a party or gathering.

 1. Use String Lights for Quick Form & Function

String lights are one of the more popular types of outdoor lighting. They are versatile, quick to set up, and create a festive feel.

You can hang string lights above a gathering area to provide overhead lighting. Or you can hang them along permanent fixtures like a trellis, pergola, or covered patio.

Using these lights along with a dimmer switch gives you more control over the brightness and the feel it creates.

 2. Use Outdoor Lights for Your Guest’s Safety

An important function of lighting for nighttime gatherings is your safety and the safety of your guests.

Path lights are close to the ground and can illuminate walking areas. Other areas to consider include:

  • Landscape borders
  • Areas of elevation change (curbs, steps, etc.)
  • Changes of walking surface (such as from a patio to the grass)

Step lights are specifically designed for illuminating a single step or a flight of stairs.

Even ambient landscape lighting can help brighten open spaces and give your guests confidence to move around.

Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries Incorporated

3. Use Lighting to Create Visual Interest & Conversation

 You can use landscape lighting to create a conversational piece. Think about lighting to accent a portion of your architecture or landscape.

Do you have a water feature in your entertainment area? Underwater lights will give it a whole new look when the sun goes down!

Uplighting on trees and landscaped areas highlight their natural beauty and contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.

4. Use Lighting to Add Color & Festivity

Consider using colored lights for even more fun! Coordinate your lighting colors with holidays, sport team parties, or other special events.

Technology makes this even easier. For example, the Luxor transformer by FXLuminaire provides the ability to create 30,000 colors using RGBW LED technology!

You can also adjust color temperatures to match vegetation and architecture to offer distinctive landscape looks all year long.

Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries Incorporated

5. Use Lights to Extend the Boundaries of Your Entertainment Area

The more that elements of your outdoor space are lit, the more people will gravitate toward those areas.

Boundary lighting expands the outdoor room where people feel comfortable to move about.

For example, you may have a fence or shrub line along the back or side of your property. These sections can be lit up with a small output wall wash fixture. When done properly, more than one light can be overlapped to create a continuous wall of light. This will subtly show the edges of your yard or gathering area.

Need Help With Your Outdoor Lighting Ideas?

Landscape lighting is an art. If you want more ideas, consider calling a professional to plan, install and maintain your outdoor lighting system. Consulting a qualified installer will help you create the functions that are most important to you when entertaining guests.

M2 Landscaping is a qualified installer and we offer the full line of FX Luminaire lighting systems. FX Luminaire provides the latest in landscape lighting technology and flexibility. (FX Luminaire is part of the Hunter Industries Inc. family)

If you’re ready to light up your landscape contact M2 Landscaping. Use the contact form or give us a call at 815-978-8061 to set up a free consultation.