Is This White Mold On My Grass 'Snow Mold'?

As warmer temperatures arrive in the Rockford area the snow melts and new life begins to sprout. We start to see early spring flowers and other hardy perennials. For some of us, though, another form of growth has taken place over the winter. With the snow cover dissipating, you may notice a form of white mold clinging to the blades of grass in circ...
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Is Your Sump Pump Drain Frozen? Check Before the Spring Thaw!

If your home has a sump pump, you can test the sump pump discharge at any time of year. But it's especially important to check your sump pump drainage before the snow thaws and heavy Spring rains arrive. During this season it will pump water more often, and it's important that the sump pump discharge lines are freely flowing. A common issue in wint...
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4 Types of Landscaping Drainage Solutions

If you've done any research on yard drainage issues, then, you've read about topics such as french drains, catch basins, and other ways to collect and move water. What do they all mean? Which one will work best for your drainage problem? In this article, we will explain four of the most common types of yard drainage solutions: Channel drains, frenc...
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6 Common Yard Drainage Problems - Who to Call for Help?

Drainage problems in your yard can be frustrating. Excess water can damage landscape and plants or cause unsightly bare spots in your lawn. Pooled water can attract mosquitoes in the summer and turn to a dangerous ice rink in the winter. Unchecked drainage problems can even lead to water in your basement or damage to your home.  What professio...
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Should You Stop Watering Your Plants in the Fall?

As the leaves - and temperatures - continue to fall, many of us start to settle into a new routine of semi-hibernation, welcoming the snow to blanket the world in white. Irrigation systems are winterized and garden hoses are wrapped for protection from the frigid weather. Just because we may be ready for winter by the time December arrive...
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5 Backyard Lighting Ideas for Entertaining Guests

There are many reasons to add backyard lighting. We've passed Labor Day and the days are getting noticeably shorter. Perhaps you've been entertaining outdoors more this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and safety concerns. You may be looking to expand your outdoor living space, even after the sun goes down. Or, you may want to give your patio or d...
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Is My Burning Bush Dead After Winter?

Note: Article updated Spring 2020 to show the success of recovering burning bushes. In the winter months of 2019 we experienced extreme cold and wind in the Rockford, IL region. This type of weather takes a toll on humans, animals, and plants. Some bushes have had a hard time recovering. This may include the Euonymus alatus, which is more comm...
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How to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are very common in the Rockford, IL area. They enjoy feasting on a wide variety of plants. The shiny metallic green backs and copper-colored wings are striking in appearance. But the damage they cause to plants is not. If you'd like to control the onslaught of beetles this year and protect your plants as much as possible, we have a...
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Benefits of Lawn Aeration: Especially in the Fall

As a homeowner you probably recognize the benefit of fertilizing your lawn, but did you know the best thing you can do for your lawn is aeration? Perhaps you find this surprising, but it is absolutely true. The healthy turfs on golf courses are aerated several times a year. Let's say, hypothetically, you face a choice in your lawn care regimen to e...
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How to Mulch Around Trees and Shrubs

Mulching around trees & shrubs is aesthetically pleasing for your outdoor space. Furthermore, it is beneficial for the health of the plant if it is done correctly. Benefits of Mulching  ​Some of the benefits of mulching include: Retains moisture for tree rootsKeeps down weedsOrganic mulch decomposes and provides the tree with nutrientsInsu...
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How To Prepare Your Lawn & Yard for Spring in 7 Simple Steps

Spring Grass
We understand the feeling. It's been a long winter and the warmer weather is making you eager to get outside and start working in the yard. You're looking forward to green grass and flowering plants. Spring lawn preparation now will do a lot to ensure a beautiful lawn this summer.  How do you prepare your lawn for spring? ​Here are some simple...
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