Drainage Specialists in the Rockford Region

Drainage problems plague many in Northern IL and Southern WI, and often threaten to damage property or ruin an otherwise attractive landscape.

These issues can cause problems such as water in basements, flooding in window wells, and unsightly, muddy spots in your yard.  If left unchecked, these drainage issues can lead to costly and dangerous problems in your home or business.

M2 Landscaping is the area leader committed to solving water flow problems. Schedule a free landscape drainage consultation.

At the start of every landscape project we plan for proper drainage.  It is closely connected with the landscape and is important to think of drainage before starting a project rather than after.  In fact, many drainage issues are caused by poor landscape planning.  Our first rule of thumb is prevention.

Drainage Solutions

Do you already have issues with water drainage?  We are experts in both drainage installation and repair. If you currently have an issue, we offer free consultations to help you make the best decision. 

We can help assess the causes and provide drainage solutions.  We will review your situation and create a custom solution for you.  The goal is to stop water before it ever gets to your house.

We provide solutions for many drainage problems.  There is not a singular fix for all drainage problems, but after analyzing your location we will suggest the proper solution, or perhaps combination of solutions. 

Some of the drainage solutions we have found effective include:

  • Burying downspouts to move water flow away from the house
  • Installing catch basins
  • Installing french drains
  • Utilizing permeable pavers
  • Creating swales for proper water flow
  • Fixing improper grading
  • Burying sump pump hoses with a specific M2 Landscaping design

Sump Pump Drainage

Many people have issues with their sump pump hoses in their yard.  Here at M2 Landscaping we have created our own design for effectively eliminating problems related to the sump pump such as:

Our drainage solution works and creates peace of mind.  If you have experienced any of the above issues with your sump pump, be sure to give us a call.  We’d be happy to show how our solution can work for you.

Call the Drainage Experts

Whether they are big or small, don’t be plagued by drainage problems any longer!  Call us for your consultation and prevent any further damage to your property.  We will work with you to find the best solution for your drainage issues and create peace of mind.

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Call to Experience the M2 Difference

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