Landscaping for Lanark, Lake Carroll, and Freeport, IL

M2 Landscaping services Freeport, Lanark, homes around Lake Carroll, and the surrounding areas. We specialize in:

  • Installing beautiful landscape lighting
  • Designing and installing new landscapes
  • Fixing yard drainage problems

Custom Landscape Lighting for Freeport and Lanark Homes

Outdoor living space: Extend your evenings by creating a vibrant outdoor living space. Enjoy your deck, patio, or pool well into the night with beautiful, long-lasting landscape LED lighting.

Imagine hosting unforgettable gatherings bathed in your choice of 30,000 colors – find the perfect orange for Freeport Pretzel spirit days! Easily adjust for holiday celebrations, or simply setting the mood.

Curb Appeal: Highlight the natural beauty of your Freeport or Lanark landscape with strategically placed lighting. Accentuate your landscaping features and architectural details, making your entire property a showstopper.

Security lighting: Well-lit areas deter unwanted guests and make navigating your property safer for everyone. Program your lights to come on automatically as the sun sets, or control them remotely using your smartphone for ultimate peace of mind, even when you’re away.

Picture Gallery of Lighting Work done for a home on Lake Carroll

M2 Landscaping designed and installed lighting to showcase the home and enhance visual architecture. Lighting types included: pathway lights, wall lights, strip lighting, landscape lighting, and up lights installed in concrete.

Freeport Landscape Installation

Our design process is collaborative and we take the time to understand your vision. We incorporate your preferences for plant selection and plan for year-round color.

Our expertise extends beyond aesthetics – we prioritize proper drainage to safeguard your landscape’s health and beauty for years to come.

M2 Landscaping is committed to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. Our insured crew is friendly, experienced, and meticulous. We treat your property with respect, protecting existing elements during installation.

Eliminate Yard Drainage Issues in Freeport

M2 Landscaping tackles drainage problems in Freeport and surrounding areas. We’ll help you stop water problems before they damage your property.

During a free consultation, we’ll assess the causes of your drainage issue and present solutions.

We regularly implement solutions such as: installing catch basins and French drains, using permeable pavers, creating swales for proper water flow, and burying downspouts.

We also have a solution for sump pump drainage that eliminates issues like erosion, the unsightly hose, and freezing.

Let M2 Landscaping transform your outdoor space into a source of pride, relaxation, and enjoyment!

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