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Is My Burning Bush Dead After Winter?


In the winter months of 2019 we experienced extreme cold and wind in the Rockford, IL region. This type of weather takes a toll on humans, animals, and plants.

Some bushes have had a hard time recovering. This may include the Euonymus alatus, which is more commonly referred to as a burning bush because of its bright red color in the Fall.

The effect of the wind and cold will vary from plant to plant, even in the same yard. Location and exposure to wind are some of the variables.

Is My Burning Bush Dying or Dead?

If you still have bare branches on your shrub, it means some of them have died. As long as those dead branches remain, the plant will continue to try and send nutrients to them.

The best thing you can do is to cut off the dead branches. This will enable the shrub to send new nutrients only to the growing portions and will help push new growth.

If your burning bush has some sparse leaves, cut the bush back to the place where you find the majority of the existing growth. If your shrub looks like the one pictured here you should cut it WAY back.

The top of these branches are dead.

If there are leaves, but no clear demarcation of growth, cut the plant back to 1-2 feet from the ground.

It may look funny for the rest of this year, but it will give the burning bush shrub the best chance of a full recovery.

If you fear the plant is dead altogether, contact us and we'll take a look at it for you.

A healthy burning bush shrub in the same yard as the damaged shrub.
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